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Pirouette Medical was started by Conor Cullinane, Eli Kapas, and Matt Kane. The three founders met while attending Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY. Conor studied Aeronautical Engineering while obtaining minors in Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, and Pre-Med. Matt received a dual degree in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering while obtaining a minor in Mathematics. Eli received a dual degree in Mechanical and Civil Engineering. The three became great friends and colleagues as they took many classes together, and then went on to become the faces of the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department as they created the Rocket Division.

The Rocket Division was a research group housed within the Applied Aerodynamics Laboratory, and founded by Conor, Matt, and Eli. The group was focused on developing a rocket test bed for the development of a control system. The goal was to create a modular system for large scale model rocket enthusiasts that could be added to their rockets and would control the trajectory and provide precise positioning of the rocket. 

After graduating from Clarkson, Conor went on to receive his PhD from MIT and Harvard Medical School (HMS) in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics. He was selected as one of the few National Space Biomedical Research Institute Mentored Research Students in the Bioastronautics Training Program. He later became a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow where he worked to develop computational models for the evaluation and future development of planetary exploration space suits. 

After graduating from Clarkson, Matt went on to the University of Notre Dame (UND) to obtain his masters of science in aerospace engineering. His research focused on the aeromechanical response of an axial compressor in stall. He then joined the UND turbomachinery laboratory as a full time test engineer.

After graduating from Clarkson, Eli joined Bechtel Corporation in Houston, TX. His roles included field engineering, quality assurance, and then supervision on the NAGOR ethylene refinery project. He was the youngest superintendent on the project and led a team to receive multiple quality recognition awards.

In 2017, Matt and Eli left their jobs to join Conor in the Cambridge, MA area where they put the band back together and formed Pirouette Medical, LLC. The three are now working on taking their expertise as rocket scientists and applying them to develop medical devices. Specifically, Pirouette is focused on developing and bringing to market revolutionary drug-delivery devices. The trio has found that many of the skills they developed and sharpened as aeronautical and mechanical engineers transfer to the field of medical engineering.

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Conor Cullinane, PhD


Elijah Kapas


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